About Stephanie Grace Creative

Stephanie Grace Creative specialises in making beautiful, timeless, and unique pieces for all your special occasions. 
You'll find limited-edition and one-off items to purchase in the Shop section, and if you're after a custom-made item, please get in touch via the Contact page.
Every item is hand-made with love, attention, and care, here in beautiful Aotearoa, New Zealand. 


A bit more about Steph:

The 'Stephanie Grace' brand has been around since 2014, in a few different forms, and Stephanie Grace Creative is the accumulation of years of experience, self-discovery, and figuring how best to do what I love! 

My passion lies in making custom, one-off, and limited edition pieces that people will treasure for years to come. From wedding bands to cupcake earrings, every piece is made with love and patience in my little studio at the sunny Papamoa Beach. 

I have always been drawn to the shared experience of storytelling. Whether it's the story of your best friend who is struggling, or hearing about your relationship journey, I weave all this love and unique personal essence in to everything that I make. 

I am also a mental health warrior, who has experienced several bouts of depression and anxiety. I know that my creative outlet is a huge part of my personal journey to health and wellness. I am a true believer in the cathartic power of not only writing stories, but also in sharing stories about mental health. My own journey is at the centre of everything I do. When I was younger there wasn't the wealth of stories that you can find today, and even now, the subject is still hidden in the shadows. Our beautiful countries mental health statistics are heart-wrenching, and the more people who write, hear, and share stories, the more people that can be reached. I wished there had been more voices and stories around when I was younger.
With this in mind, I consciously make the effort to push past my limiting beliefs and fear, sharing my experience and personal insights through a blog, which you can find here: